Bad Meets Evil

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A Facebook game I worked on while at Grab Games.
Most of my work was implementing features clientside in as3 and serverside in php

Gold Miner World

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Another Grab Facebook title.
I found and and fixed bugs, wrote as3 features, and wrote a new region creation tool for designers


Made for the MEGA 10-day Hackathon - First Place
3D bullet hell shooter in XNA where you control a swarm, using different forms to consume enemies.

Prospective Detective

Made for the ACM Social App Hackathon (48 hours) - 1st place
An educational Facebook game for kids where you are a schoolyard detective. (The demo was running live on FB)

Super Massive

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Made for the Global Game Jam 2011 (48 hours) - with the theme "Extinction."
Our game follows the definition of Extinction as "The annihilation of a particle/anti-particle pair."

Sub Commander

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Made for the SS12 coding competition (48 hours) - 2nd place
A game designed for blind players where you command a submarine by reacting to radar pings.

Low-Poly Mech

Modeled and textured myself