USC student final games project. An action/stealth game in UDK relvolving around teleporting.
I'm responsible for our 3rd person camera and general systems engineering.
Check out our website to learn more.

Seeds of Ralark

An XBLA Platformer where you solve physics puzzles in both single and multiplayer.
My contribuation has mostly been in gameplay programming - character abilities,
adding physics support for new kinds of objects, etc. I also just overhauled our XML
loading so that we use a custom importer to allow for less strict schemas.

Networked Shooter

No good visual for this right now - so here's a picture of the temp art we've been using!
Me and two other engineers just added networking to an existing C++ game engine.
Now we're starting a class project with 10 people to create a networked shooter. We'll be improving
our existing networking system and fixing some issues, so by the end of the semester we'll have
an authoritative server determining gamestate and passing updates to clients running on XBOX devkits.

Rocket Physics

An iPhone game I am working on with a partner - fun with physics!